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Martinique Grigg

Executive Director, Mountaineers
Seattle, WAGrigg

Martinique Grigg became a member of Washington's National Park Fund's Board of Directors in early 2013. She was inspired to become a board member because of her deep-rooted love for our national parks which she believes are national treasures. "Our national parks need to be safeguarded so future generations are able to enjoy them," she said. As a board member, she is excited to have the opportunity to support positive projects in the parks. 

Martinique grew up outside of Boston, MA, and learned early she had a passion for the outdoors. Throughout her professional career, she has worked both in and out of the nonprofit sector with groups such as The Appalachian Mountain Club and LL Bean. Now at The Mountaineers, she is able to combine her professional and personal passions for the outdoors. She earned her BA at Dartmouth and her MBA from Harvard Business School.

In July of 2012, Martinique was able to climb to the summit of Mount Rainier. Like others who make this impressive trek, she was inspired by the beautiful view from the top, as the entire state unfolded before her. "Mount Rainier National Park will always hold a special place in my heart, particularly on clear days when I can see the mountain all the way from my home in Seattle," she said.

Although Martinique holds Mount Rainier National Park dear, she chooses to take out-of-towners through North Cascades National Park. With its rugged peaks and striking views, she believes North Cascades National Park is one of Washington state's hidden gems.