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Jeannette Privat

Jeannette Privat

Supervisor, Nonprofit & Philanthropy Resource Center at the Redmond Library
Redmond, WA

Jeannette Privat became a board member of Washington's National Park Fund in the fall of 2012. She grew up in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, and has spent her whole life with Mount Rainier in her view. She believes the national parks provide meaningful experiences for the public, and knew it was important to become a WNPF board member so she could help them with her time and expertise. 
"I love showing the parks off to visitors to our area, and I want to make sure they are maintained for the future for others to enjoy," she said.

Jeannette and her family spent many family trips in Mount Rainier National Park. Often, they could be found hiking and camping in each park. In college, she earned a Business undergraduate degree, and a Master's Degree in Library Science. With this expertise, she has been able to support many nonprofits throughout Western Washington. Now, Jeannette serves as the founder of the Nonprofit & Philanthropy Resource Center for the King County Library System. She brings a wealth of knowledge and a knack for research to WNPF's board of directors. 

Recently, Jeannette spent a memorable day in Mount Rainier National Park with Superintendent Randy King. As she and Randy hiked through Mount Rainier's trails, she was introduced to park staff, and learned about various roles within park operations. She particularly enjoyed learning about the park's greenhouse and how it's used to revegetate areas all over the park. At peak times, the park grows and plants 125,000 plants a year.

Although she has fond memories of Mount Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic National Parks, she often takes friends and visitors to Mount Rainier. Easy to get to, and beautiful at any time of year, Mount Rainier is hard to beat with its magnificent and dramatic mountain views.