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Herb Bridge

Philanthropist and Owner, Ben Bridge Jewelers
Seattle, WA

Herb Bridge is a newer member of Washington's National Park Fund's Board of Directors, but has had a love for our national parks for a lifetime. Crediting his father, Ben Bridge, for his love of the parks, he was brought up enjoying inspiration from fishing, hiking and climbing. 

Throughout his adventurous and exciting life, including service as a Navy Rear Admiral with service in WWII and Korea, many roles in civic leadership, and serving as President of more than 70 Ben Bridge Jeweler's stores, Herb has counted the parks as an important help in reaching his successes. For this reason, his passion for protecting them runs deep.

"Supporting out national parks is vital to enjoying life because even though it might not be an immediate time to visit, the contemplation of each pristine and inspiring experience gives one the impetus to relax, lower the blood pressure of daily urban life, and enjoy the contemplation of a future visit."

Herb's favorite place to take friends and family is to the spectacular sights in Mount Rainier National Park, a place he holds very near to his heart.