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David Barbrack

President, New Path Marketing, Inc.
Sammamish, WA

David Barbrack has been a friend of the national parks for many years, and this is his secomd time serving on Washington's National Park Fund's Board of Directors. He became a board member because he believes, "Individual support provides not only supplemental assistance to bridge the gap between federal funding and true park needs, but feels good to see the dollars continue for future generations." He also has a special tie to the parks and the memories they build within families. Every year David and his family head to Paradise in Mount Rainier National Park and spend the day making a 12-foot igloo. His first experience was later in life, during a backpacking trip to Palisades trail, but the experience hooked him for life.

David grew up in California and Washington, and despite his late introduction to the parks, he was drawn to give back. His family spends countless days in the parks. Some of their favorites include Cape Alava in Olympic National Park, and Stehekin in North Cascades National Park. David and his family find the parks to be peaceful retreats from their busy, everyday lives.

David takes his out-of-state visitors to Sunrise, the highest point in Mount Rainier National Park available for car access. "You not only have a spectacular view of the mountain, but the meadows are stunning when in full bloom with wildflowers," David said.


David Barbrack

David at Paradise Valley, Mount Rainier National Park