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Bret Wirta

Chief Executive Officer, Wirta Hospitality Worldwide
Seattle, WA

Bret Wirta has been a member of WNPF's board since 2010, and currently serves as the co-chair of the board's event committee. He joined the board because of an experience at a young age that taught him how easily a natural space can disappear. Bret grew up in the mountains of New Hampshire, where his grandparents managed a 400-acre resort. The resort eventually went bankrupt, and access to treasured childhood memories was no longer available. Because of this, Bret has dedicated time and energy toward ensuring national parks will be available for many generations to come. Bret said, "Not only do Washington's national parks provide a place for play, but they are wonderful for reflection and renewal."

Many of Bret's early memories in the outdoors are from New Hampshire, where he explored the forests around his home with his cousin. As a teen-ager, he built a cabin he later lived in for a year. More recently, he took a 24 mile hike over High Divide in Olympic National Park. There, he experienced Roosevelt elk, bear, mountain goats, and beautiful scenery.

Bret has a favorite spot in each of Washington's national parks: Mount Rainier's wildflowers in August, canoeing in North Cascade's Ross Lake, and camping along Olympic's miles of undeveloped beach. These places give Bret both silence and solitude. He said, "Out national parks allow us moments when we can reflect on how little we truly need to be happy."


Bret Wirta