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Volunteerism and Stewardship

Washington's National Park Fund is actively seeking charitable contributions to make projects in this area possible:

Strengthening stewardship and volunteerism through support for the parks' responsible planning and management of the resources in their care, and by educating visitors about conservation and sustainability practices they can be 
involved in.

Examples of Volunteerism and Stewardship projects funded in the parks are:

Mount Rainier National Park: 2011 through 2015 - Enhance Volunteer Program
Funded by the Mount Rainier Endowment, this grant will be used to further the reach of the volunteer program in the park, whose goals is to reach 2,000 volunteers per year. This program was funded in part by a grant from the Eleanor Wilson Charitable Trust.

North Cascades National Park: 2011 - Reconstruct Monogram Lake Trail and Campsites with Volunteer Teams
Easy access off of the Cascades River Road and good fishing makes Monogram Lake a popular destination for local day hikers and overnight backpackers who come from around the Pacific Northwest. This project has improved visitor satisfaction and safety, and also protected resources by reducing erosion, minimizing bare ground, and managing human waste. This project was accomplished in large part by a volunteer team.

Olympic National Park: 2010-2012 - Citizen Science: Olympic Marmot Monitoring
This program continues to be very successful and popular. The first Olympic Marmot study was initiated in 2010 and more than 80 volunteers - ranging in age from 11 to over 70 - provided park biologists with important population data. Study results will enhance the knowledge base of the connection between marmot ecology and climate change, and inform natural resource management decisions in the park.

Opportunities for Volunteerism and Stewardship Support:


Mount Rainier National Park:

Connecting Kids to Parks
Paradise Trail Crew
WCC Historic Preservation Crew
RAVN Roadside Assistance
Teacher-Ranger-Teacher (4 TRTs)
Engaging Underserved Youth
Nisqually Glacier time-lapse Photography for hazard recognition
Test and protect Exposed Frozen Lake Archaeological Site
Protect Subalpine Meadows Through the Meadow Rover Program
Communicating Climate Change to Mount Rainier National Park visitors/students
Historic Architecture intern
GIS interns (2) to document Paradise Meadow damage

For more information about these projects, click here.

North Cascades National Park:

14 Days of Bio Bliss
Produce a Guide to Alpine and Subalpine Wildflowers
Provide Youth with Opportunities for Leadership
Engage Citizens Scientists in Butterfly Monitoring
Construct ADA Accessible Campsites at Rainbow Falls
Monitor Water Quality and Ecological Integrity of Ross Lake
Transport Youth to Their Park
Develop Community Through Wifi
Volunteer Citizen Scientist Plant Phenology Monitoring in the Alpine-Subalpine
Renovate Youth Program Storage Facility

For more information about these projects, click here.

Olympic National Park:

Olympic National Parkpic Marmot Citizen Science Monitoring Project
Pathways to Employment for Diverse Youth
Adopt-a-Fish: Radio-tracking the Return of Pacific Salmon to the Elwha River in Olympic
Complete Evaluation of Invasive Plants in the Queets Valley

For more information about these projects, click here.