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More than 600 stuTeacher-Ranger-Teacherdents at Juan Sequin Elementary School in Houston, Texas, became Junior Rangers after participating in programs lead by Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Gwendolyn Peterson.

The goal of the Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Program is to connect students in low-income schools with national parks by allowing teachers a chance to live and work in park settings.

Peterson spent the summer of 2007 at North Cascades National Park as the park's first Teacher-Ranger-Teacher.

"Last summer was a fantastic opportunity to experience turquoise water, jagged glacial peaks, and wild animals - an environment in stark contrast to Houston - and bring some of this back to my students," she said in 2008 when she returned to North Cascades National Park as a seasonal ranger.

With the help of North Cascades National Park Ranger David Williams, who joined Peterson in Houston, students spent a week last May learning about national parks. 

"The experience was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that made me think outside myself and realize the sheer grandeur of this country," said Peterson.

Washington's National Park Fund was able to fund the  Teacher-Ranger-Teacher program in both 2008 ($5,000) and 2010 ($10,000) in North Cascades National Park.

Are you a teacher? Get more information about how you can get involved with this ongoing program, and how YOU could get into the parks this summer!