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Seattle Met Magazine

Thanks to our friends at Seattle Met Magazine, the August 2011 and August 2012 issues of the magazine raised funds for Washington's National Park Fund. The 2011 August issue featured Olympic National Park, and the 2012 issue featured Mount Rainier National Park.

“We at Seattle Met often describe each month’s issue as a love letter to our city. If that’s the case, then, as you would pen a list to your beloved of the things you cherish most, then Washington’s national parks are near the top on that sundry list. Having the ability to both create more devotees as well as raise money for these local treasures is an honor for us.”

-Nicole Vogel, Publisher, Seattle Met

As partners with Washington's National Park Fund, Seattle Met is looking to the future and planning volunteer projects, fundraising events and issues to feature North Cascades National Parks. Money raised from Seattle Met and their readers will fund projects within Washington's national parks that would otherwise go unfunded. Thank you to our friends at Seattle Met for supporting our mission and vision for our national parks!

As Seen in Seattle Met, August 2011