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Guest Services, Inc.

Guest Services, Inc. has been a special friend of Washington's National Park Fund for many years.  

Their Guest Lodge Donation Program at Mount Rainier's National Park Inn and Paradise Inn results in thousands of dollars given each year to support special park programs.  New in 2012 was the addition of the Lodge at Stehekin up in the North Cascades.  

Mount Rainier Guest Services

In addition, Guest Services, Inc. provides corporate support on a national level AND secures some of the packages that are auctioned off each year at our Spring Dinner and Auction.

As a guest at one of these lodges, you can choose to support your national parks through Washington's National Park Fund. Just ask about the program when you check in or out during your stay.

Thank you for your partnership to help our parks! And thanks to all park visitors for your contributions and purchases as well.