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BES Events


BES Events is a full-service event production agency that manages and produces corporate events including conferences, seminars, trade shows, road shows, product launches and corporate parties throughout the world. Their specialty is high-tech and they fully understand the unique demands the high tech industry requires and expects.

They create events to respect the time commitment, important content and necessary level of service to each executive as well as the group. Their attention to detail and high level of professionalism ensure each event is expertly managed, with minimal time and energy from our clients.

BES Events' partnership with Washington's National Park Fund has led to the enormous success of the Annual Benefit and Auction. Thanks to BES, who donated their time, resources and expertise, the 2012 event boasted a beautiful atmosphere and a seamless transition into WNPF's first live auction.

Thank you BES Events!

BES Staff
BES Staff